New Blog Theme

I have updated this blog to use the Tiles theme. I was looking to shake things up and I was impressed with the layout and animations. It provides a bit of visual interest, while staying true to a pretty straightforward blog site. Having all the posts on a single page… Continue reading

New VM - Part 2

Yes, the new VM has fixed my performance problems on this blog. It was easy to upgrade and all very seamless. I did do it while walking through LAX. I guess I will add to my warning about $1 icons (beware of $1 icons) a warning about $5 VMs: Beware… Continue reading

New Ghost

I upgraded to version 0.8 of Ghost over the weekend. I am pretty proud of myself as it was all command line on Linux. It would have been a half hour job if I had just followed all of the instructions here. Unfortunately, when they say follow all the… Continue reading