Cryptoshares and You

Want to try a frustrating search? Try looking for companies that can help you incorporate your business on the blockchain or using distributed ledger. What will you search for? incorporate on the blockchain? build company on blockchain? start company on blockchain? Those are all a bust, because you'll run into… Continue reading

New Blog Theme

I have updated this blog to use the Tiles theme. I was looking to shake things up and I was impressed with the layout and animations. It provides a bit of visual interest, while staying true to a pretty straightforward blog site. Having all the posts on a single page… Continue reading


When I want an egg, I don't want something that is not an egg. Eggs don't have labels on them that say 'EGG'. They are still eggs. Someone can put the label 'EGG' on a rock, but that doesn't make it an egg. Most rocks don't carry the label 'NOT… Continue reading