Saying it First, Saying it Best

Sometimes the person who says something first doesn't say it the best. It takes courage to articulate a new thought that is different from others. It also takes courage to articulate a thought when you know may stumble because of it's novelty and freshness. Say it anyway. Go first. To… Continue reading

Creativity and Habit

Being creative is a habit. If it's a habit that's hard for you, never fear. It's simply a matter of developing the habit. Here are some things you can do to start a habit of creativity: Write a blog post Tell your kids a story Learn to fix something you've… Continue reading


I've written about the willingness to ask a question and how being the person who is willing to ask a question can be powerful. Usually when I say this I'm talking about the willingness to do this in spite of a fear of looking or sounding stupid. I recently had… Continue reading

Words: Always Open Source

When you read something, all of it is right there on the page or screen. 100% of the art is present and can be evaluated, analyzed, and understood. This is not true of most other things in this world, including other types of art. In other art forms the artifice… Continue reading