I've written about the willingness to ask a question and how being the person who is willing to ask a question can be powerful. Usually when I say this I'm talking about the willingness to do this in spite of a fear of looking or sounding stupid. I recently had… Continue reading

Words: Always Open Source

When you read something, all of it is right there on the page or screen. 100% of the art is present and can be evaluated, analyzed, and understood. This is not true of most other things in this world, including other types of art. In other art forms the artifice… Continue reading

Mindfulness and Privacy

Because Mindfulness and other types of Focused Attention Training derive from religious practices, many people may feel that they are private or non-public activities. There is some merit in this line of thought. The practice, any that I've seen, is private in that you are focusing inward to improve attention… Continue reading

Mindfulness Quantified

Here is a great post from Andrew Wien on quantifying the impact of mindfulness training in a business setting: How to Reduce Stress, Increase Focus, and Improve Communication at Your Company Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and has been developing his mindfulness curriculum over the last few years. His corporate mindfulness… Continue reading