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The City and Its Plumbing

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When building your city you should not view the city-design part as a way to solve your plumbing problems. Not if you want someone to live there, anyway.

Nor should you build a city for which plumbing cannot be designed.

But rather, in your dream, in your vision of what a city should be, consider that you will still need plumbing and it shouldn't cost a million dollars to fix a leaky faucet.

Beyond that, the plumbing shouldn't be much of a consideration, unless you are building a city for plumbers.


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When Google Fails You

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Google is a great tool, but it took me forever to find this:

By forever, I mean it took me almost an hour. That says something about our access to information and my own expectations, but that's another blog post entirely.

The trouble happened because of the nature of my question - which the StackOverflow post does a good job of explaining - I'm trying to call one integration from another. This leads to a semantic overlap of the parts question I'm trying to ask.

I like to envision this as the question collapsing on itself, inside of Google, but I probably don't really understand that as well as I think I do, and I did just watch Tron recently.

Plus many variations of 'call a slash command from web hook on Slack' leads me to Slack's own documentation where they don't answer this question (as of this writing 3/1/2016).

In the end the answer is obvious - you can't call one integration from another. This prevents a lot of attacks or spamming that could probably happen if you had a wide open gateway to push data through Slack.

How did I find it in the end? Brute force querying google until I found a result that didn't look like all the other slash command/web hook posts and documentation that are out there.

Final Google query - 'pass giphy to slack api' which removes the confusion by specifically naming the thing I'm trying to do - 'giphy' - instead of just asking more generally about slash commands.

It was the 4th result.

I have to teach my kids all this some day. Maybe they will just grow up knowing how to do it.


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Cloud Technologies - The Impact on Jobs

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I have heard from some parties that the cloud technology offerings that are gaining traction now (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services) are going to bring about the "death of IT".

First of all this is a big overstatement. Next, I also think these technologies are actually going to be net job creators, and not just for developers.

This is true because more small companies can afford to build-out infrastructure and therefore we will have more technology startups, which will create more jobs.

I also think that existing IT jobs likely aren't going anywhere either. These environments (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) are complicated and it takes a good IT professional to learn them, set them up correctly, and manage them. There is a lot to learn here, so A) people need to go learn it and B) smart people need to be in charge of managing it in the long run.

And, interestingly where there were basically two flavors of IT in the past (Windows and Linux) now you have 3 - Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Even though Amazon and Google are based largely on Linux, the two service offerings are not the same thing. They have different services, different UI, different structures. To be an expert in one is not to be an expert in the other.

To me this is nothing but good news from a competitive standpoint (3 options vs. 2 options) but also from a job creation and economic perspective.

The other good news? Since these platforms actually run VMs in a lot of cases, your existing IT expertise will still be applicable as well.

Virtualization probably has had a negative effect on jobs thus far, but the next stage will almost certainly create jobs, and opportunity, for those willing to learn and pick up new skills.


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AngularJS - The Manager's Opinion

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I recently rebuilt our employee recognition tool using AngularJS.

The old tool had been built as an add-on to our case management tool, which we are migrating away from.

Since Angular is our preferred web direction, I believed it beneficial for me to dabble a bit and rebuild it using a modern, strategic technology.

The process was challenging for me mostly because I was not much of a JavaScript developer back when I did a lot of development. So, to do almost all my development using JavaScript required a fair amount of brute-force-through-googling just to get me past the basics.

Once I was able to do that, it was relatively simple to get done what I needed. My app was about 6 pages with 2 input forms, 3 grids, and a port of an old jquery-centric billboard form with some basic fade-in/fade-out animation.

This was no enterprise system mind you, but it had enough moving parts for me to learn the basics and prove to myself how hard it was going to be for others to learn.

For our existing JavaScript stars this will be an easy technology jump, but for others it will involve training on both JavaScript and AngularJS best practices.

The Amadeus Innovation Team has already developed a lot of our AngularJS best practices so that portion of the transition process is covered. There's a fair amount to think about in terms of project structure and approach, but I have left that to the more expert development minds.