AngularJS - The Manager's Opinion

I recently rebuilt our employee recognition tool using AngularJS.

The old tool had been built as an add-on to our case management tool, which we are migrating away from.

Since Angular is our preferred web direction, I believed it beneficial for me to dabble a bit and rebuild it using a modern, strategic technology.

The process was challenging for me mostly because I was not much of a JavaScript developer back when I did a lot of development. So, to do almost all my development using JavaScript required a fair amount of brute-force-through-googling just to get me past the basics.

Once I was able to do that, it was relatively simple to get done what I needed. My app was about 6 pages with 2 input forms, 3 grids, and a port of an old jquery-centric billboard form with some basic fade-in/fade-out animation.

This was no enterprise system mind you, but it had enough moving parts for me to learn the basics and prove to myself how hard it was going to be for others to learn.

For our existing JavaScript stars this will be an easy technology jump, but for others it will involve training on both JavaScript and AngularJS best practices.

The Amadeus Innovation Team has already developed a lot of our AngularJS best practices so that portion of the transition process is covered. There's a fair amount to think about in terms of project structure and approach, but I have left that to the more expert development minds.

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