Words: Always Open Source

When you read something, all of it is right there on the page or screen. 100% of the art is present and can be evaluated, analyzed, and understood. This is not true of most other things in this world, including other types of art. In other art forms the artifice… Continue reading

Seth's Blog

I've mentioned, linked to, and tweeted about Seth's blog repeatedly because I think it's routinely inspiring, creative, and fun to read. Here's a link if you've never been there. Go, read it, come back later. I'll still be here: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ I'm a reader. As a reader, it's… Continue reading


What if the thing you once called inspiration was simply your mind distracting you from your real work and purpose? What if real inspiration turns out to be something else entirely? Well, perhaps not entirely. Consider, how a stream that flows into a river is now only part of the… Continue reading