Seth's Blog

I've mentioned, linked to, and tweeted about Seth's blog repeatedly because I think it's routinely inspiring, creative, and fun to read. Here's a link if you've never been there. Go, read it, come back later. I'll still be here: I'm a reader. As a reader, it's… Continue reading

Curiosity and Forward Motion

Curiosity is a valuable skill. It's important to be curious about how things work, what others are like, and how other people solve problems. Curiosity is indispensable and required in the 21st century - it gets you excited about new projects, and it also keeps you going when things get… Continue reading


You're accountable for the answer to the question that you knew you should ask, even if you chose not to ask it. It may be that you were the only person smart, good, or experienced enough to ask it. So, if no one else asks, then you must do it.… Continue reading