Technology, Leadership, Influence

I've been working on this blog for the last year and I'm changing my tag line. The old tag line was:

Technology, Work, Writing

That was fine. It covers a lot of ground and since the blog was largely about work and my tech-related interests it worked.

The new line is:

Technology, Leadership, Influence

This will be my new focus for the coming year. It's a bit more specific and it feels right for this blog.

Leadership is really what my work is about, outside of technology.

Influence is the purpose of writing. You can, and I often do, write for autotelic reasons, but that is not what this is about.

I hope that people read this and it has some impact. I like that more than just writing. I'll probably continue to write about writing, but with more on a focus on how to make an impression.

Happy early 2017. It should be an interesting year.

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