Seth's Blog

I've mentioned, linked to, and tweeted about Seth's blog repeatedly because I think it's routinely inspiring, creative, and fun to read.

Here's a link if you've never been there. Go, read it, come back later. I'll still be here:

I'm a reader. As a reader, it's just flat out great. You should read it. It's interesting and informative. That's a no-brainer.

As a writer, what interests me is the breadth of the work. I feel like he's able to write about a lot of different things and they always tie back thematically to his main focus which I will sum up like this: creativity in the workplace.

He might not sum it up that way, but I will. Because that's what I think ties it all together.

He's not writing for artists living off the grid. He's not writing for people who have no interest in creativity or change. It's pretty clear and gives him breadth on topics ranging from the psychological, to the cultural, to the career-related.

Still, how does he do it?

I'm going to write some some of my own blog posts dissecting a couple of his recent posts to figure it out. I'm interested and I think I can figure it out.

More to come. (Here's the link to the next piece:

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