Mindful Recognition - Benefits to You When You Recognize Someone Else

Perhaps it is counter-intuitive to start my posts on mindful recognition with a focus on the benefits to the one doing the recognition. You might say it's odd to start the discussion of a (hopefully) non-selfish act with what is essentially a selfish motivation.

But there's a reason I'm doing it.

Why? Because we can't control how much positive feedback we get form others. Bosses will or won't. Co-workers will or won't.

What we do control is how much recognition and positive feedback we give to others. Ideally this could be a self-sustaining practice built on it's own feedback loop.

So, let's consider how you might benefit from the recognition you provide to others:

  1. By recognizing others, and by making this a focus of your leadership style, you combat Negativity Bias on your team, making them more resilient and more capable of handling change, thereby making your job easier.

  2. Positive reflection on you as a leader (and your boss for choosing you) when your team members are recognized for their successes (even if it is you that is recognizing them). There's a kind of multi-reflexive value here - the boss is successful because I'm successful because my team is successful.

  3. Focus on the positive to counteract the Negativity Bias in ourselves. When we recognize others we focus consciously on positive events, behaviors, and occurrences. This helps our mind remember that there are lots of good things happening, in addition to any bad ones (real or just perceived). This makes life and work more pleasant.

  4. Set an example for others leaders to follow - positive recognition will breed more positive recognition as others follow your example. I've had a boss say, "That was great that you recognized so-and-so, I need to do more of that." It feels great when you hear or see others being recognized and you know you had an influence on that.

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