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Add to the List

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Add to the list a couple of other things that I feel the need to learn for my side project:

  • Angular 2
  • TypeScript

But I am having the darndest time with TypeScript. Not so much the syntax or language or ecosystem. Especially for ecosystem, WebStorm has been enormously helpful.

No, with TypeScript I am struggling with debugging and wrestling through problems in the browser. So far my journey could best be described as 7 steps forward and 8 steps back.

By which I mean, there was an initial phase where I thought I knew what I was doing - this was validated by "successes" where I got actual code that I wrote transpiled and working in the browser.

But as I ventured further in - mainly to get the Angular http module working. I have been deconstructing my working code more and more to strip it down to the bare bones and try to understand why a couple of things have gone wrong.

The end result is that I will understand the whole thing better, I suppose. But it is still very frustrating, and I am not yet at the end of my "journey backwards", so to speak.

Also, I'm removing one:

  • Sqllite

Simply not worth the time for what I'm doing. And I already understand a lot about databases, if I ever really want to pick that up.

I may someday. I may not.