Mindfulness: Professional Development at the Core of Professional Development

Mindfulness is key professional development that lies at the core of all other professional development.

Do you want the focus to make the most of your time?

Mindfulness improves focus by training the mind to focus.

Do you want the positive intent to overcome obstacles?

Mindfulness helps you avoid the negativity bias and focus on what is in your control.

Do you want the self-awareness to see that most obstacles are really perceived obstacles that exist inside yourself?

Mindfulness is self-awareness. As you become more self-aware you become more conscious of what obstacles are real and which are the ones you put up for yourself. This lets you focus energy on real obstacles and overcoming them.

Do you want the emotional maturity to handle stressful situations?

Mindfulness helps you understand and work better with your emotions and stress.

Do you want the inner strength to set your own direction?

Mindfulness provides you with the tools to manage your inner resources.

The more I am involved with mindfulness practice, the more it seems like this is where you should be starting your education and development. What else gives you these types of benefits?

Begin by knowing yourself - this is neither Eastern nor Western, but simply true.

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