Employee Recognition - An Added Benefit

My recent blog post on figuring out some things for a Slack integration was related to the Amadeus Wins System which we built for employees to recognize other employees.

What we added to the Wins System was to publish our wins via a bot to our general Slack channel, though as the blog points out, you can't use the giphy integration when you do so.

The response has been very positive to this - partly because the employees who get recognized are glad to have the added visibility to their exploits and successes, but also for a somewhat unexpected reason.

Because Amadeus has a lot of clients, not everyone knows what everyone else is working on. When a win is published, it gives other team members an awareness that so-and-so was working on X. So, the rest of the employees have a greater visibility to what others are working on - which they really like, simply so that they are more aware of what goes on in other parts of the building.

It's always great to get that type of unexpected benefit.

The Wins System is only an internal tool, for now, but it is something that the team really appreciates, and which we hope to add some additional functionality to in the future.

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