When I want an egg, I don't want something that is not an egg.

Eggs don't have labels on them that say 'EGG'. They are still eggs.

Someone can put the label 'EGG' on a rock, but that doesn't make it an egg.

Most rocks don't carry the label 'NOT EGG' on it. This also does not make them eggs.

It might be that I find a whole bunch of egg-shaped things labeled 'EGG' where there were only rocks before. If this happens I promise I will run some tests before I start lowering the price of omelettes.


What's this all about then?

Well, I found something on Google. It was clearly generated content that was generated poorly. It is a very high search result for the thing I was looking for.

Google isn't responsible for that, I realize.

It just makes me wonder why someone spends money (they clearly spent some money to build this thing) that is untested and wrong. Why do you do that?

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