Distributed Ledger (aka Blockchain) Reading List

This list is designed for a technology leader. I'm going to assume that the person who is looking at this is technical enough to know what a database is and roughly how the internet works, but will be less technical than other reading lists that are out there.

So, to begin, the first thing you need is a picture. Words are great and important and you can't understand distributed ledger or blockchain technology without words. But it is also important to have a picture in your mind, so you can refer to it later.

Here is the best picture I have found describing bitcoin specifically:


Here is a good picture for distributed ledger more generally:


Here are some overviews, the first one is expressing the distinction between distributed ledger and blockchain:


This is from IBM and introduces HyperLedger, which is a Linux Foundation Project they are supporting:


How do distributed ledgers fit into the broader world of data storage:


A really good description of the problem distributed ledgers are solving:


Do you need a distributed ledger?


I hope this is helpful. I'm going to keep adding and editing. I may make it a static page at some point.

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