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Know Thyself #3

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... wisdom is the knowledge of what we know and do not know.

All things that we learn provide us with three things:

  1. The knowledge we gain.
  2. The actions and ideas that flow from that learning.
  3. A redrawn border between what we do and don't know.

Each time we practice something we change the map in the same way: a skill improved is a skill added.

It is good to develop the ability to see this boundary for ourselves, so that we don't always need to have others point it out to us. This also takes practice.

I don't see this as either positive or negative. We know some things, others we don't. We can choose to use this awareness in whatever way we want: learn more, seek help from others who are knowledgeable, act on what we know, or ignore it.

It's up to us how to attack the challenge presented by the boundary of our ignorance. No judgement.

Does all this lead to wisdom? I leave this as an exercise for the reader.

Link to the translation of Plato where I found the quote. Translation by Benjamin Jowett.