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Mindfulness Meditation 7 Habits Proactive

Mindfulness and Proactivity

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I've recently been using the Headspace app and have found it to be extremely helpful.

This has gotten me thinking about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which I have written about before.

The first habit is 'Be Proactive' which Stephen Covey defined as human being's ability to be self-aware and to choose values over feelings in how to address their response to a stimulus.

This is very good and very powerful. But how do you get better at it? Well, life offers you opportunities all the time, to be sure. But what if you could actually practice somewhere offstage?

Enter meditation - the mindful practices presended in Headspace (and I'm sure elsewhere) are exactly that. A great opportunity to observe your mind and practice being aware of your response to your environment.