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I've been an avid reader of Seth's Blog for years. It is great. You should read it.

You probably won't agree with everything he writes but that does not stop it from being smart and worthwhile, pretty much every day.

One thing that he talks a lot about is the sharing economy. The sharing economy is all around us, and by most accounts it is a successful and powerful idea. For many people, I suspect, the reasons for this are a foregone conclusion and do not need a 'why'. Or maybe the why was covered a long time ago by someone else and everyone (else) already knows the answer.

But not for me. For me, there are inconsistencies that have to be ironed out for it to be consistent with capitalism, which of course has been pretty successful too, in the long term.

This is a very good article about why sharing and altruism helps society: The Invisible Hand is Dead! Long Live the Invisible Hand!.

It doesn't reconcile incompatibilities between the sharing economy and capitalism in my opinion, but it does give a sense of how sharing has impacted us in the (very) long term. And can help you understand the power of the sharing economy and how it interacts with other forces.