What Happened to the Tray Tables?

I have 40 years of air travel expectations and all of it includes a tray table. If you're going to try and change that expectation you have to let me know, and you have to give me the option to pay more to have my expectations met.

You can't just make the tray tables go away. Business travelers need a tray table to work. We can't all listen to music or watch iPads.

Yes, they can make them go away. They did.


So, it turns out I was wrong originally. This airline (Frontier) does have tray tables on some flights. They are at the front of the plane and they cost extra.

So, I'm fine with that. Airlines are entitled to make money. How they do that is up to them.

I wish they would have told me. And I will be avoiding their flights for business travel. But I don't think I'm who they're after so they probably don't care.

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